Points of Interest

HSPOA being located in the middle of the Sierra National provides close access to various points of interest.

Chiquito Creek, West Fork of Chiquito Creek, Granite Creek, Beasore Creek and most any active flowing creek contains a healthy population of rainbow and brown trout. The U.S. Forest Service plants the major creeks near the campgrounds various times during the year, particularly the holidays.

There are a number of lakes in the surrounding area. The major lake being Mammoth Pool created by a dam built and operated for electrical generation by Edison on the San Joaquin River. It is an excellent fishery that contains rainbow and brown trout. During the season, it provides excellent water & jet skiing, kayaking and general boating activities. There is a paved boat-launching ramp on the north side of the lake about two miles past Wagoner’s Store. After the water level drops below the north ramp, many boaters use the primitive ramp on the south shore near the dam. Wagoner’s Store does have gasoline.

In addition to Mammoth Pool, there the two Jackass Lakes, the upper lake is full of brook trout while the lower lake has rainbows and Vandeburg Lake and Lillian Lake that also contain trout. Access to these lakes can be made by day hike but there are also primitive campsites. All these lakes are within the Ansel Adams Wilderness area.

Access to the San Joaquin River is only available by two methods; boating to the back of the lake, or by hiking the Cassidy Trail that starts east of Clover Meadow.

Other points of interest include Jackass Rock, Jackass Falls, Arch Rock, Squaw Dome, Balloon Dome and Globe Rock as well as many hiking trails.