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      The meadow continues to experience below freezing temperatures and more is expected. Thus, the water master has not yet set a turn on date.The upside of the delay is that it provides an excellent opportunity for the water committee to replace leaking valves and get a start on non-leaking valves without disrupting service after water is turned on.

      If you’ve reported a leaking valve, the water committee would urge you dig out your main valve asap in order to expedite its replacement and getting the water system turned on.

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      The most recent word is that the goal is to turn on the water the weekend of May 2nd.


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      Latest update from Richard St. Marie –

      Just a quick update on the water system, in the event you receive questions. We are making tremendous progress on the water valve replacement project. I will have a complete list of lot numbers to share after this weekend. Some of the water committee folks will be working again this weekend to get all the known leaks addressed before we start the system. We plan to get water flowing into the system via the solar system by the end of this weekend. The water WILL NOT be potable. I will post signs at both gates. The sanitation of the system by McMillan Mountain Services is scheduled to take place on Monday May 11th. A few days later the water samples can be collected and sent to Madera County for official certification. I expect to have certification by Friday May 22nd. I will continue to update you as we make forward progress on this major water project

      Please let me know if you have any questions.


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      Richard and all working on the water,
      Your hard work is so much appreciated by those of us not capable of doing it. I know that it is a lot of time and effort which is taking you away from your own lots maintenance, but I just wanted to say, Thank you.

      Lots 164/165

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      Water System,

      The water is on and samples have been delivered to the lab. Until such time as the lab results are available – DO NOT DRINK THE WATER.

      The water valve replacement crew is working hard. It is much appreciated that so many owners dug out their valve boxes so the the replacement crew could get to the valve quickly and change out so many. At last count, somewhere between 50 and 55 valves have been replaced.

      It would be appreciated if those owners who haven’t had their valve changed out yet would dig out their valves sometime this season. The water crew wants to hit hard again at the end of the season. Two feet on each side and 6 inches underneath the valve should do it.


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      Just want to report. Monday May 25 around 6pm lot 164 lost all water pressure and we had no water. We checked with Jackson’s and there water pressure was very low as well. Not sure what happened. We were planning on leaving in the morning anyway. I hope someone can check on it and let us know what happened.
      Deb Taylor

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      Wanted to know if the water is on at this time? Thanks in advance! 🙂 June 25 2020


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