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      Not to be callous by any means, but knowing that more than a few of our friends and neighbors have suffered losses at HSM, I am thinking of using this thread to provide some topics that may help –

      This first bit of help comes from Renee Hall, Co-owner of burnt out lot 20 who has advice on at least getting your property taxes readjusted if your assessed cabin or house is no longer standing – copied from her Facebook post :

      I’ve been talking to county and state regarding cleanup and tax adjustments. The county has a form on the first page of their website to fill out for assessment of taxes https://www.maderacounty.com/home/showdocument?id=15290.
      Clean up (if you have household waste) is designated by OES after the fire is contained/out. They work with counties to determine who has the funds. They said keep watching the County website.

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