Welcome to High Sierra Property Owners Association

High Sierra Property Owners Association (HSPOA) is a rural, rustic development located at Arnold Meadow, as it is identified on U.S. Forest Service maps, approximately 40 miles easterly of North Fork or Oakhurst in the middle of the Sierra National Forest at about 5,200 ft. elevation.  It is located very near the U.S. Forest Service ‘Minarets Work Station’ as well as Lower Chiquito Creek Campground.

The phone service and DSL service is available from Ponderosa Telephone.  However, there is no electrical service other than gas or propane generators provided by and for individual property owners. Propane service is currently provided by Ferrell Gas out of Oakhurst.  There is a water system serving all 169 one-acre lots operational between about mid-April (depending upon the “winter thaw”) and Veteran’s. Day.

There are generally two ways to get to HSPOA/Arnold Meadow. One way is through North Fork (what many of us refer to as the “front door”) and the other is through Oakhurst (or the “back door”).  Maps and written directions may be downloaded from this website.  Note that access to High Sierra Meadows is seasonal.  Neither road from North Fork or Oakhurst into the Sierra National Forest is maintained during the winter months.  Thus, once the snow deepens, access accept by snowmobile is impossible.  Access through North Fork occurs much sooner than from Oakhurst.

We commonly refer to ourselves as “High Sierra Meadows”, but technically there is no such thing.  We are, as noted above, High Sierra Property Owners Association.

HSPOA is also a “common interest development” (think homeowner’s association) organized and governed under the Davis-Sterling Act found in the California Civil Code.  Unfortunately, the Davis-Sterling Act is written to apply to homeowner’s associations found in highly urbanized locations.  HSPOA is a seasonal, recreational homeowner’s association.  Conformance with the provisions of the Davis-Sterling Act has proven costly, time consuming and problematic.  The governing documents required by the Davis-Sterling Act may be downloaded from this web site.

HSPOA is responsible for the maintenance and operations of “common areas” that are available equally to all members (property owners) in good standing.  Common areas include the roads, the pond, the water system, the fence surrounding the entire development, its’ two gates and the recreation area that generally runs through the center of the meadow.  To provide for the cost of the operating the water system and maintaining the common areas, an assessment levy is made against all properties and is billed annually.   The current annual levy is $213 per lot.

There are 169 one-acre lots. Each lot counts as one vote on matters brought before the Board.  Multiple lot owners have as many votes as the lots they own.  The board is made up of five members; president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and board member at large, who are elected by the HSPOA for two year terms.